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    Denver's Medical, Rehabilitation and Recovery Service
    Providing health servies to treat all facets of addictive
    disorders, behavioral disorders, and other psychiatric disorders.
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    Arahant's Health Services Include
    Individual Counseling & Therapy
    Group Therapy
    Medical Services
    Health Services for Professionals
    Relapse Prevention Services
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    "Arahant"... "One who is worthy."

Denver Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Rehabiliation, Recovery and Medical Treatment

Thank you for your interest in Arahant Health Services. Our medical doctors and staff are leaders in providing sound and effective medical treatment to help those recovering or suffering from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. Please browse our website to learn about the array of medical and therapy services we offer and the clinicians who provide them.

Arahant Health Services

Denver's Medical, Psychiatric and Psychotherapy Service

We provide our Denver Metro area clients with treatment for all facets of addictive, behavioral, and other psychiatric disorders.

Arahant Health Services

Group Therapy at Arahant Health Services

We offer a variety of group psychotherapy aimed at helping clients and their families to address various therapeutic needs.


Arahant's Detoxification and Medical Management

Arahant Health Services provides Medical Management for a wide range of medications and Detoxification services.


Arahant Health Services for Professionals

We help professionals finding a balance between their personal and professional identities.

Our Services

The Arahant Health advantage? Medical treatment combined with sound counseling and therapy.


We are proud of the difference we have made in the lives of our clients. Whether you or a loved one needs the help and care we provide, we feel confident that you too can achieve your goals just as these Arahant clients have.

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